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How to Land an Internship

Over the past week I have tried desperately to network my way into the coveted summer internship. From cold calling employers to searching classifieds I have done it all. Throughout the process I came up with a list that I believe should help my fellow broke college students land an internship.

1.) Go to events where business leaders meet e.g. the Chamber of Commerce and try to network. Everyone loves a real hustler.

2.) Always make sure you use your contact’s name when talking to them. If it is your first time contacting them use their first and last name or Mr. and Ms. when talking with them you don’t want to come off rude.

3.) Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Employers are looking for someone inquisitive who will actually think when performing a task.

4.) Always, always follow-up with thank yous when you are trying to network even if you are denied the position courtesy tends to travel along way and karma is real.

5.) Clear up any bad press–we all have pictures or internet posts we really don’t want future employers to see.  This is especially true of my generation, Generation Y.  My generation grew up with the internet unlike other generations and unlike other generations we posted online while going through puberty..enough said.

6.)  Make sure your Facebook picture is a nice headshot not a body image.

7.) Get business cards.  Let companies know you are serious and you are willing to invest your personal time and money.

8.)  In the first two sentences of your internship pitch mention you are they’re looking for an internship.  You never want to make a contact guess why you are there; this is business and in the business world efficiency is everything.  Your basic pitch should go something like this:

 Hi _______ my name is blank and I am a current student at ____.  I am contacting you to follow-up on an internship lead I got through _____ to intern at _____.

9.)  Dress to impress not like a hot mess.  College kids know that around campus pajamas are the standard dress code, as long as your crotch is covered you are good.  However in the business world people dress to impress not for comfort. You must make sure you are wearing clean dress clothes.  Sources say blue is the best color to wear for an interview.  Psychology majors commonly say you have 7 seconds to make your first impression so it damn well better be a good one.


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