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Tips for the Business World I have Learned as a Consumer

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I will update this list each week with a new tip starting on June 15th, 2011.  ADDITIONALLY if you have any suggestions or criticisms of listed tips feel free to comment them and I will add YOUR TIPS along with your name when I update my post weekly.  Thank you!

Tip #1 Always follow-up with costumers every step of the way.  If you fail to keep tabs on your customers deals WILL slip through the cracks!

Tip #2 Make sure your costumer understands your  mission statement.  Customers are more likely to give you business if they believe and see you practicing a mission statement.  A good example of this is Apple Computers.

Tip #3 Always think business senerios through from the costomer’s point of view.  If you want to sell someone a product you have to be able to know their every thought and get in their heads so you can connect with them enough to convince them to buy your product.


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Future Plans For this Blog #1!

Hello all, lately I have been questioning myself on what I would like to achieve developing this personal blog.  After much consideration I have decided to write on my growth throughout life as well as write other personal things e.g. lessons I am currently learning through course work.  Hopefully the lessons I learn in school will help further educate those of you studying the subjects my notes will touch on….Addionally I would like to start posting topics that intest me or that are somewhat related to me.  For instance, I have a 20 page handwritten account of my great-great grandmother’s life I would like to type and publish on the net.  I believe it is an important oral history of her generation;  it tells the tales of a poor woman who was one of the last generations to arrive in a wagon in the midwest.  If you the reader have any suggestions as to what you would like me to cover let me know and I will do my best to comply.

Sincerely As Always, Your Author,

Julian A. Lacey

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